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Design a Roadmap to fluidez

Watch free, 10-minute video lessons en inglés y español & create new language goals.

Create "My Goals"

What is "My Languages Project"?

Free templates for you to create clear learning goals Spanish & English.

Video analysis of fun conversations, matching vocabulary & meaning to a context.

Storytime readings, Communication Circles, & otras cosas.  

Hi, I'm Joe, your new facilitator & friend.

Hola!  I began writing stories in 4th grade and have been learning Spanish my entire adult life. My mission is to inspire learners to appreciate language acquisition, make new friends, and become confident communicators. 

3-minute diálogo on Youtube

How to get started.

Discover your ambitions when learning a 2nd language.

Communication, by its very nature, is personal. In any given context, each person has a unique experience in daily interactions. What do you want your interactions to look like?

To begin, it's best to listen. listen.

(for at least 75 Hours)

Dreaming Spanish is an amazing online resource. In this video, Pablo offers a timeline of what to expect when acquiring Spanish

Second-Language Acquisition (SLA) on YouTube

SLA Meat & Potatoes

This is based on years of many great people in the field. SLA researches have a lot to offer.

Learning as good for your health.

In addition to the new friends you will make speaking a second language, it is good for your brain.  Here are some benefits.

Music as a language

I like Victor Wooten's take on music as a language. Try reflecting on what that means for your language practice.

Cortometraje - Los Gritones

Here is a short film in Spanish. Cortometrajes are a great way to for anyone to communicate with native speakers from home.   For a list of other cortometrjaes, visit the "otras cosas" tab above. 

Be intentional with input / output of language 

  • Ask, "where am I?" (How many hours of exposure in the 2nd language)

  • Then, ask, "where do I want to go?" (What/with whom do I want to communicate?)

  • How am I going to get there?  (What learning resources will I use?)

  • What is a realistic schedule for me to reach my goals?  (What does a consistent schedule look like?). 

  • I recommend only 5 mins/hour should be spent on speaking. The other 55 mins should consist of listening/reading comprehension tasks. 

Create "My Goals"

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